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Royal Element's chat box
aliwong2319: when will the game be online again so I can download it ? Jun 20, 2019 8:34:08 GMT -6
aliwong2319: so people that are new have wasted all that time making an account knowing by reading the chat that no one can no longer download the game they might as well shut it down all togeather Jun 20, 2019 8:37:11 GMT -6
Achlyse: Hi aliwong2319! We are sorry to hear that. Our server status which is in the left upper corner clearly displays that we are indeed offline. Jul 1, 2019 14:52:50 GMT -6
Achlyse: We came to make the decision of Royal Elements break. We are Offline and at the moment we don't know when it will be back up but as far as we know at the moment we will not put down the game. It will remain Offline until we decide on its uprise or downfall Jul 1, 2019 15:02:14 GMT -6
whiskerfrisker: im hoping to see you all return soon. Until then, enjoy your break! Jul 9, 2019 15:55:11 GMT -6
fluxxy: OOF... I hope it comes online soon.... 0.0 Jul 23, 2019 17:07:15 GMT -6
| Kelp King |: Hello! It's been awhile but you can join our Discord following this link! It's alot more active on there but we plan on trying to make the forums more active aswell here soon! Hope to see you join! Aug 7, 2019 4:33:09 GMT -6 *
vanesskapogodno: i just came here to paly and its offline -_- Sept 17, 2019 13:44:06 GMT -6
vanesskapogodno: play* Sept 17, 2019 13:44:39 GMT -6
ѕĸyzιllα: Well its getting updated and better then before Sept 17, 2019 13:45:24 GMT -6
vanesskapogodno: idk what to do n now Sept 17, 2019 13:45:24 GMT -6
vanesskapogodno: ohhh Sept 17, 2019 13:45:37 GMT -6
vanesskapogodno: /Thats good Sept 17, 2019 13:45:52 GMT -6
vanesskapogodno: ima go play a diff game since i cant play dis won Sept 17, 2019 13:47:18 GMT -6
ѕĸyzιllα: Sorry about that Sept 17, 2019 13:49:45 GMT -6
kaiwildcraft: hi, I'm new here and I wanna ask why is it offline the download link? Sept 18, 2019 18:24:42 GMT -6
ѕĸyzιllα: Hi Kai! Welcome to Royal Elements then, we are currently offline due to RE being updated and revamped. Sept 19, 2019 11:02:32 GMT -6
ѕĸyzιllα: Tho you can keep up with us on our discord : Sept 19, 2019 11:03:06 GMT -6
.:{CosmicGhost}:.: Can you tell the KITO server your offline..? It says your back up all the time and I keep popping in to find this place down :/ Oct 1, 2019 10:23:06 GMT -6
luckykat: Hi new here so can i dowlnod this game? i wanna play it... Oct 3, 2019 10:51:00 GMT -6 *